How to Setup ChromeCast on Iphone - new setup - found new chromecast
How to Setup ChromeCast on Iphone - new setup - found new chromecast

Chromecast – Play videos from Google Play Movies

Google chromecast gives us the convenience to play video from the computer to the television screen. simply use a small device chromecast we can play video from a smartphone, laptop to the television.

First we must make sure google chrome browser is already installed in our computer. next we go to and install the Google Cast Extension

how to install google chromecast on windows 10 - Popup install extension
how to install google chrome chromecast extension

The next step :

Connect with chromecast computer in the same wifi network.

  • Go to google chrome browser and type the url we can also install the Google Cast Extension from here.
  • Then select the films that will be screened. we can buy or rent movies at a price cheap enough.
  • After selecting a movie and then turn the movie player in the right corner, click the icon cast
    Under connect the device to your chromecast select from the list of devices that you have.
  • We can control the movie: pause, stop, fast forward, rewind through google play movies
  • To terminate the connection to the tv in the right corner of the browser click stop casting.

Enjoy your time while watching a movie on your television screen easily without hassle.

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