google chrome cast first generation

How google chromecast work?

google chrome cast first generation

Chromecast is a device that can display the content from smartphones and laptops to devices like televisions easily using a television remote.  do you know how chromecast work?

1. App Casting
In App casting, Chromecast functions as a media player. It’s limited to streaming only service sites both video and music. Streaming media service sites that have support / support Chromecast on a website or application will have buttons Cast. After selecting a video to watch from our devices (laptop / PC, smartphone or tablet), then we click the Cast button, which is on the website or the application of such services, the videos we choose will be played on HDTV in this case the device we just gave the order to Chromecast to download streaming videos we choose who later played on HDTV. Once the video is played on an HDTV, the laptop / PC, smartphone or tablet we could use for other things. On Casting App functionality, Laptop / PC, smartphone or tablet as a remote control function for Chromecast  A good example in this regard is Youtube. Cast button on Youtube to not only work on Chromecast but also on as long as the existing Smart TV Youtube application on the smart TV cast button on the application Youtube.

2. Tab casting.
Maybe this time you are used to browse the Internet with the Chrome browser on your laptop / PC. In the Chrome browser there are tabs which display different web pages. Each tab can be forwarded Chromecast dongle then to an HDTV so you can browse the Internet via HDTV. This casting Tab function much like Screen mirroring (screen projected onto the screen of a device other device). In order to use the Tab Casting, we must first install the Google Cast extension on your Chrome browser on the laptop / PC. It should be noted that, Google Cast Extension only for the Chrome browser on the laptop / PC. If we visit the Google Cast Extension link above through the Chrome browser on a smartphone or tablet, link Google Cast extension does not appear.

Once installed will appear right corner of the Cast button next to the search box Chrome browser. If we want to display it on the screen HDTV browser, just click this button Cast. Our web page being visited will appear on the screen HDTV via Chromecast. It looks like Screen mirroring, but only to the extent that there is a page in Chrome browser only.

Currently the browser on Windows 10, Microsoft Edge, also has support Chromecast. There are tabs on the browser Microsoft Edge can forwarded Chromecast  dongle from your laptop / PC Windows 10 to an HDTV so we can surf the Internet using Microsoft browser Edge as well.

3. Screen Mirroring.
Chromecast last update allows users to cast Android device to an HDTV screen as well as Miracast technology. so far the Screen Mirroring feature on Chromecast is still limited to  android device. But note Screen Mirroring using different Chromecast with Miracast screen mirroring technology, which is already there on the smartphone or tablet android 4.2 and above. If you already use Chromecast dongle and cannot enable the feature Screen Mirroring this, trying to do an update Chromecast app on your android device.

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